What We Do

We provide relevant investment solutions that will help individuals and institutions to grow and preserve wealth over multiple market cycles.


Institutional & Corporate Fund Management

We provide effective investment management services to pension funds, development finance institutions (DFIs), corporate institutions, government agencies and not-for-profit organisations like NGOs, churches, foundations, welfare Associations and groups.

Private Wealth Management

We help our clients achieve their wealth management goals through smart investment management and advisory services aided by efficient technology.

Our consultative and client-centred-and-involved approach empowers the client to determine their life aspirations and financial goals.

We work together to evaluate, implement and monitor robust, prudent, risk-oriented investment strategies for each client.


 Specialised Fund Management 

We seek to actively create, sponsor and manage unique and specialist investment vehicles.

At Ashfield, we leverage our expertise to establish market leadership in novel and alternative funds management in Africa to provide opportunities for Pension Funds, Institutional Fund Managers, Private and Retail Fund Managers to diversify their portfolios.

Our specialised funds enable our clients to invest based on their unique risk-return profile towards wealth accumulation.